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How to Uninstall Dropbox on Mac OS X | Uninstall guide

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It turned out, that many Mac users don’t know How to Uninstall Dropbox on Mac OS X. Why should you uninstall Dropbox from your Mac?

Mac Tricks: Disable Gatekeeper, Add a Period Using Double-Space, iCloud Library Photo Deleting

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iOS users are used to adding a period to the sentence ending by a double-click on spacebar. It adds a period that is followed by one space.

How to Use The Mac Task Manager Properly

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If you use Windows Task Manager before for ending tasks and stopping errant processes, you already know what is the main function of Activity Monitor.

Authorization and Deauthorization iTunes on Your Mac or PC

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I want to tell you how to authorize and deauthorize iTunes on your Mac and to handle the protected information (by DRM).

How to Force Quit an App in Mac OS X

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Sometimes we all face the freezing of apps, even on such reliable machine as Mac. I’ll tell you how to quit them without any problem.

How to Reinstall, Uninstall or Downgrade iTunes on Mac OS

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I want to tell you about how to manage iTunes. It's a popular app and you may need to reinstall or uninstall it someday. Here is an instruction!

Ulysses - A Perfect Markdown Editor for Mac OS X

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Today we are reviewing Ulysses, a new Markdown editor. For those who don’t know what Markdown is—it’s a lightweight markup language created to write a most legible and easy to edit text that is still convertible into the languages for advanced publications.

How to Delete Files on Mac OS X Permanently

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When we delete files and folders on Mac and then empty Trash, it is possible to recover the deleted files if no new information has been recorded on the freed space, so the file can be easily restored.

How to Type Degree Symbol on Mac OS X

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Let's see how to type degree symbol on mac. It means there are some easy correct ways that will highly raise the productivity of your work. I'll tell you about them in this article.