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How To Work with Internet Explorer on Your Mac

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If you have been working with PCs and have just switched to Mac, you might have noticed that there’s no Internet Explorer for Macs. Here are several ways of fixing that!

How to Install Fonts on Mac Manually

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Macs usually come with a great set of nice-looking fonts, still, there are lots of low-cost creative fonts on the Internet. Many users face wondering how to install fonts on Mac manually. I want to tell you how to do that in my today’s article.

How to Free RAM on Mac

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If your Mac has become as slow as a snail, you might check its RAM, it may be used to the maximum! I’ll show you how to clean RAM memory and reduce its usage without restarting your Mac.

The Best VPN Browser for iPhone

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The Internet connection has become an important part of people’s lives. We browse the web at work, at home and from any place in the world. Still, while web surfing outside your home, it is recommended to use a VPN, as without it, anyone can have access to your data. VPN encrypts all information, keeping it safe.

How to Delete Browser History on Chrome Exit

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It will help you to delete the history of visits and downloads, clear the cache, speed up the work of Chrome and free up space on your hard disk.

How to Setup Your Personal Vpn Server on Windows Computer

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How to configure VPN on Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP. How to create a VPN server. How to fix possible errors 619, 806, 809. All this is described in detail in this article.

How to Configure VPN Between Mac and Windows

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This article is a guide on using VPN connection between Mac and Windows devices.

How to Uninstall Vpn on Mac

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Step-by-step guideline "How to delete VPN on Mac". It's simple, but you need to know where to click.

How to Change Your VPN Location to the USA on Mac

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Step-by-step guideline "How to change VPN on Mac to other region".