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How to Check iPhone's Battery Health

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Built-in iOS tools show you just the actual data without telling you anything about battery's long-term health. I'll tell you more about iPhone battery health and how to check it.

How to Optimize Startup on Your MacBook Pro

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Here are six simple instructions on optimizing a slow startup on your MacBook Pro. Enjoy the fast and efficient performance!

5 Fixes for Slow Safari on Mac

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If you see a spinning beach-ball while using the Safari browser, it's a little trouble. However, you can fix it! and I'll tell you how to do it!

8 Working Tips for Your Old MacBook Before its Reselling or Donating

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Take these 8 proven tips for using the old MacBook before its reselling, donating or giving away. This article will help you to prepare your old MacBook for the future life in the hands of the new owner!

How to Speed Up Your Old MacBook Pro / iMac - Checklist

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I’ll share with you all I do to make my Mac or MacBook Pro faster. Doing the points described here will surely improve your Mac's performance.

How to Speed Up Firefox on Your Mac and MacBook Pro

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Mozilla constantly upgrades Firefox and adds new features to it, but there are sometimes problems. Here are the solutions!​

How to Restore Files from Trash in your MacBook Pro or iMac

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It is no matter what was deleted since the main question of this article is: 'Is restoring deleted files from Trash is possible on macOS?

The Most Usual Issues of MacBook Pro Battery

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Today, I want to talk about common issues with MacBook Pro batteries and what to do in case you've faced one.

Mac's Dock: How to Use It, How to Restore Folders

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The Dock panel is a comfortable place for accessing apps you use the most often. Here’s a quick guide on using it.