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Joxi for Mac Review: More Than Just Screenshots

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To take a screenshot on a Mac all you need to do is press "Cmd + Shift + 4" and with the mouse select the part of the screen that you want to take a shot of.

Mac OS Startup Disc Full Error: What is It?

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I can bet that every Mac user has or will meet a full startup disk. Well, this issue have many solutions and I'm gonna tell you about them in this article.

How to Uninstall MPlayerX on Mac OS X – Uninstall Tutorial

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Today we will tell you how to uninstall MPlayerX on Mac a nice video player. We don’t know why you’ve decided to uninstall this application. The reasons why you’ve started reading this article may be different.

How to Clean system junk files on your iMac or MacBook Pro

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Today I will tell you about "system junk" definition, how it affects your Mac’s performance, as well as how to get rid of it completely.

How to Set a New Default Download Folder on Mac OS

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There can be lots of clogged-up Downloads folders or you just want to change default Download folder to some another folder. But I think that it’s always better to keep all downloaded files organized and cleaned up if they are saved on my desktop.

How to Uninstall Xcode on Mac Completely | Uninstall guide

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Xcode is a toolkit for MacOS and iOS development. Still, this toolkit is efficient and useful for those who need it. Other way, it just takes tons of free space. I want to tell you how to remove it from your Mac.

How to Install an App From an Unknown Developer on Mac OS Sierra

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MacOS Sierra has some default restrictions regarding applications that users may install on it. The good news is that we can deal with these limitations.

How to Make your Pictures / Photos Private in Mac OS

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Privacy is something that we don't think about until it's gone. Anyway, I don't think that you want someone else to see your photos. I want to tell you how to keep them safe.

Mac Tricks: Different Key for Command, Time Screenshots, Command-L Can Be an Issue

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Some Mac users work with different or old keyboards that does not include the Command key. What alternative do they have? Can they emulate this key in a keyboard that is not made by Apple?