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How to Clear Browser History on Mac OS X in the Best Way

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So, today will be fewer words and more actions, coz topic is really simple, I will show you how to clear your favorite browser (Safari, Google Chrome, FireFox) history on Mac, let's go. There are several reasons for clearing browsing history. For example, if you were looking for some information that you'd prefer to keep confidential, you might want to clear browsing history on your Mac.

CleanMyDrive 2 Review: How to Manage External Drives on Mac

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It's been quite a while, since we began to use computers at work, at home, on vacation, wherever possible. Of course, the hard drive is not always big enough to keep a lot of our data, e.g, valuable files from work, family photos, videos and other important information. With the development of information technologies, along came cloud storages that allowed to store an infinite number of files, and now information can be stored and synchronized on various devices, freeing them from the clutter of unnecessary data.

How to Clear Safari Caches on Mac OS in the Best Way

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Cleaning browser's cache is necessary for the comfortable Internet surfing. And I want to tell you how to do it on OS X Capitan today. There is a plenty of cases when cleaning Safari cache is necessary. The first thing is an improper work of some website, for example, Facebook may stop loading new posts or images can disappear. It happens because of cache...

How to Hide & View Hidden Files/Folders on Mac OS | Guide

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Sometimes there is a need to hide files on a Mac from other people's eyes. I'll share some effective ways to hide and unhide files and folders on your Mac with you today. Let’s start!

4 Ways of How to Speed Up your iMac or Macbook Pro Significantly

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I want to admit that there are two main reasons for such a slow work of your Mac. Firstly, it can happen because of old hardware that can no longer cope with modern applications and works at its edge already. Secondly, overloading Mac OS X with different apps and unnecessary files causes such troubles.

How to Uninstall / Remove uTorrent from Mac or Macbook Pro Completely

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You know, something strange happens with my Mac apps sometimes. They start to lag and in some cases stop working at all. This is what happened to uTorrent once. It is one of my most frequently used applications. It has refused to open. After launching, the app’s icon simply jumped on the launchpad endlessly... I decided to uninstall uTorrent from my Mac and download it again, as I often do. So, now I'll tell how I removed uTorrent from my Mac.

Mac Tricks: Sync iMessage, Speed Up Mission Control, How to Use Picture-in-Picture

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Apple users have a privilege of picking up a conversation from iMessage that they started on iPhone, right on MacBook, or vice versa.