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Ulysses - A Perfect Markdown Editor for Mac OS X

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Today we are reviewing Ulysses, a new Markdown editor. For those who don’t know what Markdown is—it’s a lightweight markup language created to write a most legible and easy to edit text that is still convertible into the languages for advanced publications.

How to Delete Files on Mac OS X Permanently

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When we delete files and folders on Mac and then empty Trash, it is possible to recover the deleted files if no new information has been recorded on the freed space, so the file can be easily restored.

How to Type Degree Symbol on Mac OS X

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Let's see how to type degree symbol on mac. It means there are some easy correct ways that will highly raise the productivity of your work. I'll tell you about them in this article.

How to Move Your iTunes Library to an External Hard Drive on Mac

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The issue is particularly relevant for owners of MacBook Air, because of a small SSD-drive. In such cases, I encourage you to transfer and store the iTunes library data on an external drive.

How to Change the Browser Homepage on your Mac OS

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Many Mac users face a problem of adware. You may browse for something interesting in the web, install an app of click a link and a nasty software comes along with it. Such infections may look like pop-up windows or malicious warnings.

How to make Screen Recording with QuickTime on Mac

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It's mainly used for playing video and audio files. But less people are aware of the fact that this app can be used for screen or voice recording, but not just playing it.

Private Browsing via Safari on Mac: ‘Why’ and ‘How’?

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There are ways to get rid of them like VPNs or Tor browser that don't let websites storing that data. But what about your Mac?

Fantastical 2 on Mac Review: Plan Right

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The way we all plan our day is completely different depending on how much we have to do, on the workload at work and at home. Welcome to Fantastical 2 Review.

How to Remove Old and Useless files on Mac

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We have repeatedly raised the topic of clearing junk from our Macs. Today, once again, we’ll talk about a scenario where you need to do a deep cleaning of your Mac to free gigabytes of disk space.