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How to Uninstall Safari on Mac Completely | Guide

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But the task turns out to be not that easy, and some false actions can harm something in Mac OS. Follow our easy instructions and we’ll show you how to uninstall Safari on Mac.

Mac Tricks: Automatic Drives Unmounting, Re-Synchronize iCloud Photo on Mac

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Many people wonder if they can avoid the situation when the drives unmount after closing the top. Though the problem isn’t big at all, many Mac users would be happy to work without remounting and rejecting.

How to Backup the Mac in Correct Way using Time Machine

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Backup system is responsible for saving all the digital files. Even in case the file is damaged or lost, it could be found and renovated with Mac Backup System.

How to Free up Disk Space on Mac OS in the Right Way

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The possible cause of Mac slow functioning is a lack of free space. When you see that your Mac is proceeding more slowly than before, the problem may lay in a full disk.

A Detailed Review of Affinity Designer on Mac OS - Part 2

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Now I’m going to tell you about the working panels of Affinity Designer. In general, everything is nearly the same to Illustrator. There is a couple of ambiguous moments, and also a couple of great comfortable features that competitors don’t have at all.

CleanMyMac 3 Review: How to Keep your Mac Clean and Fast

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CleanMyMac 3 is one of the most essential multi-functional applications for your Mac that has come a long way from a simple little app for getting rid of various system garbage to a proper application with many useful features.

Ultimate Affinity Designer Review on Mac OS - Part 1

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For some time now, designers have been using Affinity Designer, a new program for vector graphics and illustrations. This is a detailed Affinity Designer Review for those who like to try something new in their work.

How to Use the Bulk Renaming Tools in the Mac Finder

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How to rename a big amount of files at the same time? When you need to give a new name to hundreds or even thousands of documents, it may seem impossible.

How Can You Update Mac to the New macOS High Sierra

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MacOS High Sierra is the newest version of OS which you can use on your Mac laptops. MacOS High Sierra will make your Mac work much better, faster and qualitative.