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Use the 'Do Not Disturb' Mode on iPhone When Driving

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Apple included a special mode called 'Do not disturb while driving' to the latest iOS versions.

The Best iOS 11 Dock Tips

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Today, I'd like to share some tips on working with Dock on iOS devices.

Tips on Synchronizing your Mac, iPhone and iPad

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I'm going to tell you how to make your workflow with all devices more comfortable, and how to work fruitfully using Macs, iPhones, and iPads simultaneously.

26 Ways to Enhance your Mac, iPad or iPhone Battery Power

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Find out how to prolong Mac, iPad or iPhone battery functioning. The following tips will give you a new chance to breathe new life into your iOS, iPad and iPhone battery.

Starting your Mac in the Safe Mode

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This feature can help you to deal with problems that stop your Mac from the correct starting up or any other issues regarding the startup disk.

How to Deal With the Full iCloud Storage

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What to do, if you get pop-ups with the message that your iCloud is already full? Should you buy more free space?

How to Rebuild the Spotlight Index on Mac OS X

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Sometimes, Spotlight stops working and it doesn't give you results. This can be fixed by rebuilding its index!

Use Mac's Built-In Features to Extract Text From a PDF File

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PDF or the Portable document format is a noce way of sharing documents with saving layout, formatting and security. Anyway, you may need to copy text from such file.​

Tips and Tricks on Managing App Windows on Your Mac

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Macs give us an opportunity to manage multiple app windows at once, so you don't need to click at every app to close them, for instance. ​Thanks to Apple, macOS has built-in tools that are helpful in organizing and cleaning up app windows.