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How To Install MacOS Mojave 10.14

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Know more about the new OS version and why it is worth installing on your Mac right away. Use this detailed guide to install MacOS Mojave.

How to Reinstall MacOS with Recovery Mode

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How-to guide on reinstalling the latest MacOS using the built-in Recovery mode both with and without wiping Mac. Overview of reasons for reinstalling MacOS.

How to Create a Bootable USB Installation Drive of Mac OS Sierra

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If you find Mac OS Sierra 10.12 comfortable, and I bet you do, you may wonder how to create a bootable USB drive of this OS version.

How to Create User and Administrator Accounts on Mac

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Share your Mac with family members, colleagues and friends and to be sure that your private information is completely safe.

How To Navigate the MacOS System Easily

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Even the most user-friendly system will have some secrets, and you need to create different habits to become a pro in using a Mac. So, today, I'll tell you about how to navigate MacOS efficiently and use all its best features.

Can an Old Battery Be the Cause for a Slow iPhone?

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Apple says that throttling the speed of a device is really done for preventing it from shutting down or crashing due to diminished batteries capabilities.

Why iPad Alerts It is Not Charging While Connected to Your Mac?

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The reasons for not charging your iPad can be different, however, there are common ones. I will tell you about all the possible causes for not charging an iPad. In this article, you will find the information on fixing possible issues.

Q&A About the Face ID On an iPhone X

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I am going to explain to you how it can be done and answer some usual questions about iPhone's X Face ID

How to Take Photos With Long Exposure with Live Photos

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In my tutorial, I'll teach you how to take such beautiful long exposure photos by using the Live Photos app.