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Should You Really Defrag Your Mac?

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You may remember the process of defragmentation from your PC days. So, is there any similar utility for Mac? What if there are some performance issues? I'll tell you how to deal with them.

Tips on Using iTunes Backup for Restoring iPad Info

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If you have bought a newer iPad and need to get back all your info, or you need to bring it back for some other reason, restore it with iTunes backup.

Let's Improve iPhone Battery Life!

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iOS 11 is great, but it uses more battery resources. I’ll tell you how to cope with this problem and make your batteries life longer!

How to Use Apple's AirDrop​ on macOS and iOS

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AirDrop is an effective feature of macOS and iOS that helps to share content with other Apple devices. I’ll tell you how to use this feature on your iPhone or iPad, or Mac.

Ways to Fix the Disk Using Utility for Mac Disk

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Have you ever faced up to one of these troubles on Mac? Mac doesn’t switch on, access denied and damaged files, several applications unexpectedly closed. In these cases, you should recover the disk.

A Guide on Using VPN on Mac

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VPN is a useful tool for connecting private networks throughout the Internet. Macs have a built-in option of the VPN connection and here is a detailed step-by-step guide on configuring it.

How to Uninstall Safari on Mac Completely | Guide

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But the task turns out to be not that easy, and some false actions can harm something in Mac OS. Follow our easy instructions and we’ll show you how to uninstall Safari on Mac.

Mac Tricks: Automatic Drives Unmounting, Re-Synchronize iCloud Photo on Mac

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Many people wonder if they can avoid the situation when the drives unmount after closing the top. Though the problem isn’t big at all, many Mac users would be happy to work without remounting and rejecting.

How to Backup the Mac in Correct Way using Time Machine

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Backup system is responsible for saving all the digital files. Even in case the file is damaged or lost, it could be found and renovated with Mac Backup System.